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Climate Justice London is part of a grassroots, anti-corporate, social justice movement to stop the climate change crisis.

Our group is a local participant in a network of organizations and activists who have joined together to build a North American climate justice movement, which emphasizes actions and education to mobilize for effective and just solutions to the climate crisis. (To find out more about this Climate Justice network, see the page about our goals.)

Our Tar Sands Campaign

For our main campaign, we are pressuring RBC (Canada’s largest, most profitable bank, with a trillion dollars in assets) to give up its role as the main financier of Tar Sands projects. The world’s dirtiest oil comes from the Alberta Tar Sands, which are aggravating climate change, while devastating Boreal forest ecosystems, and poisoning First Nations communities downstream. As part of this campaign, we’re trying to get the University of Western Ontario to divest from RBC and to remove all ATMs owned by RBC from the campus. To learn more about this campaign, visit our Tar Sands Campaign page.

If you agree with what we’re trying to do, please join us in taking action for climate justice!

For more information about the North American Mobilization for Climate Justice, check out the web site http://www.actforclimatejustice.org

If you’d like to contact us, our address is Climate.Justice.London@gmail.com


Here’s a video from the Rainforest Action Network’s tar sands campaign :