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“Putting people before profit”


Alistair Alexander in The Guardian

“From tomorrow, Climate Camp will highlight how disastrous the financial system is for us all. We must rediscover the eco-system”

At noon tomorrow thousands of activists will swoop on London for this summer’s Climate Camp. Following the death of Ian Tomlinson at G20 and subsequent outrage at the policing at Kingsnorth, we’re assured we’ll be greeted with “community-style” policing.

So then, no intimidation by using blanket stop-and-search powers to confiscate dangerous items, like string and soap; no psychological warfare of low-flying helicopters to disrupt sleep patterns; no midnight raids of overwhelming force to confiscate board games; and, presumably, no shock-and-awe baton and shield charges on protesters with their hands up, chanting “This is not a riot”.

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