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“Citizens occupy Rona Ambrose’s Edmonton office”


An action update on the Direct Action in Canada for Climate Justice web site

“Call for climate justice in lead-up to Copenhagen talks”

The second of a series of peaceful sit-ins targeting elected officials, tar sands financiers, and the coal and tar sands industries began at 11:00 am at Labour Minister Rona Ambrose’s Edmonton constituency office (6801 170 St.) today. 10 people entered the office and have staged a peaceful sit-in – refusing to leave until the federal government commits to combating the climate crisis and stems the deaths and displacements of millions that will result from further inaction. The occupation follows a similar occupation that was held on Monday at Environment Minister Jim Prentice’s office in Calgary.

“While our government delays millions of people will die or become displaced due to the climate crisis. By stalling and blocking progress the Canadian government is saying it doesn’t care about the lives of those currently and most affected by the climate crisis,” said Martin Tweedale, one of the people occupying the office. “Rona Ambrose must put pressure on the Government to act and push for a just, ambitious, and binding deal that listens to the science, and is led by those most directly impacted by the climate crisis.”

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