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“Challenging the Corporate Climate Crisis”


“Sparki” on the It’s Getting Hot in Here blog

It’s only a few days until November 30, an international day of climate action and solidarity with the upcoming protests in Copenhagen.

Nine cities are preparing mobilizations, mass actions, protests and civil disobedience targeting a variety of corporate entities complicit in the climate crisis. Right now the U.S. has the deepest carbon footprint on the planet and the world WILL see that there is a vibrant growing resistance to the fossil fuel empire in the belly of the beast. Groups affilited with the Mobilization for Climate Justice (MCJ) and the Climate Pledge of Resistance (CPR) have targeted a variety of financial, extractive and combustive industries that are profiting from the climate crisis and false solutons to it. JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Chevron, Morgan Stanley, British Petroleum (BP) and American Electric Power (AEP) are all designated targets, many more corporations will be called out as well.

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