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“Copenhagen is heating up”


Cameron Fenton in The Concordian

“Ten years after the battle of Seattle, climate change activists are turning to Copenhagen”

A decade ago, on Nov. 30 1999, activists staged one of the most successful action campaigns in recent history, shutting down the World Trade Organization summit in Seattle. The anti-globalization movement hit a new high as global consciousness around the issue swelled, and citizens began to question the role of groups like the WTO.

A similar groundswell has been building over the past decade in response to the looming threat of a global climate shift. There has been a realization that the roots of climate change do not simply lie in a few major polluters, but rather are the result of social structures that have allowed this issue to grow to its current state. People worldwide are organizing under the banner of Climate Justice, which aims to shift the focus of the climate debate towards the social justice issues that it is causing or exasperating.

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