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“Repackaging Copenhagen”


Brian Tokar in Counterpunch

“Will There be a Climate Agreement?”

On the eve of the UN’s long-awaited Copenhagen climate summit, officials are pulling out all the stops to spin the conference as a success, no matter what actually happens. Barack Obama’s announcement that he will briefly pass through Copenhagen was a headline story, as was China’s commitment to reduce their economy’s “carbon intensity,” merely lowering their rate of increase in greenhouse gas emissions. Some are proclaiming the advantages of a non-binding “political” or “operational” agreement, as an incremental step toward reducing worldwide emissions. Others are preoccupied with the manufactured scandal stemming from some UK climate researchers’ stolen emails (see http://www.realclimate.org/index.php/archives/2009/11/the-cru-hack). It’s everything but what was once promised: the setting for a new binding global treaty to forestall catastrophic climate changes.

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