Statement on the London Transit Strike — in late 2009

Defend Green Jobs! Defend Public Transportation in London!

A Statement from Climate Justice London on the LTC strike:

As environmentalists, we are committed to defending green jobs, fostering social justice, and promoting a more sustainable transportation system in this city. This is why we strongly support the employees of London Transit (represented by A.T.U. Local 741) in their demands for fair compensation and for a transit system that is adequately staffed and adequately maintained. The citizens of London depend upon a strong public transportation system. Now we need to stand up with A.T.U. to defend it.

In a time when urgent action is needed to minimize the global impact of climate change, the City of London needs to be promoting and defending its green jobs in this sector, for the benefit of all Londoners as well as the natural environment. Climate Justice London urges all environmentalists to extend their full support to A.T.U. Local 741 and to work to spread awareness of how important this fight is for our community, as part of the broader fight for a sustainable and just transportation system.

(For more details on why Climate Justice London is addressing this issue, click here for a more detailed explanation)
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