Tar Sands Campaign

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We insist that RBC, the main tar sands financier, withdraw financing for all projects associated with the tar sands. We also insist that RBC — along with the other corporations that have profited from the tar sands and the governments that encouraged them — pay reparations to all First Nations communities negatively impacted by tar sands projects.

ATM flyer
Here is a flyer [pdf] you can use to oppose RBC’s tar sands financing. The flyer was made for RBC ATMs. We invite you to make copies and stick them on RBC ATMs — to join us in taking a stand against the harm stemming from RBC’s investments. (Note: Our flyer is a version of another one which was made by the Rainforest Action Network.)

Campus campaign: Online petition
We are collecting signatures for an online petition which calls for campus divestment from RBC. Help us to tell RBC that we reject their attempts to profit from environmental destruction and social injustices. (Please note: we don’t receive any money from the advertisements, which also weren’t there at first when we set up this petition.)

Campus campaign: Leaflet
A double-sided eaflet about the tar sands and RBC [pdf]


(A Rainforest Action Network protest in Toronto)

External Resources

(A Rainforest Action Network protest)

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