Campus petition

*** Note: This page is out of date. Please see the right sidebar for information about our new web site ***

Our group is collecting signatures for an online petition that calls for a just transition away from tar sands financing.

We focus on financial ties between the local university and RBC — the leading financier behind tar sands operations.

We invite everyone, anywhere, to sign on to this petition to communicate support.

The paper version

We also collect signatures on paper, for an abbreviated version of this petition.  If you can help with that petitioning, please contact us.

The international version

Our group is finalizing a petition that we are co-writing and co-announcing with the Canadian Climate Justice Network (CCJN).

Rainforest Action Network campaigning

All of these petitions were based on a print petition from the Rainforest Action Network (RAN) — an organization that has led the earliest and the most vigorous campaigning against RBC’s tar sands financing.

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