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a. We demand that RBC withdraw financing for all projects associated with the tar sands.

b. We demand that RBC pay reparations to all First Nations communities negatively impacted by tar sands projects.

II. The Tar Sands

a. We call for the immediate shut down of all tar sands-related projects.

b. We call for reparations payments to all affected First Nations communities–in compensation for lost income, as well as ecological, cultural, or health impacts–paid for primarily by the energy and financial corporations which have profited from tar sands projects.

c. We call on the Federal Government to guarantee that any workers displaced by the shut-down of the tar sands will be re-hired, with union representation, to restore ecosystems damaged by tar sands projects and to work on building clean, renewable energy infrastructure.


At the University of Western Ontario

a. We call on the UWO Senate to adopt a resolution to insist that Western’s endowment funds will not be invested in RBC or any of its subsidiaries–unless and until RBC stops financing tar sands-related projects.

b. While these tar sands investments continue, we call on UWO and the University Students Council to remove all ATMs owned by RBC from the Western Campus.

c. We demand that UWO return RBC’s money and fund the Economic Policy Research Institute and the service learning program in a manner that is consistent with environmental justice.

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